Reestablishing our connection with Mother Earth is a process that we must all undertake from our communities, societies, authorities and the international community. To begin this process, we invite you to participate in the construction of norms and strategies to protect our Mother Earth through:

∞ A Law to establish the Mother Earth Defender

∞ A Law against Ecocide and to Protect Mother Earth

∞ The call to an Earth Assembly at the UN

∞ An Action Plan

Intervención del Vicepresidente de Bolivia, David Choquehuanca Céspedes en el lanzamiento del Re-Encuentro con la Madre Tierra


Law for the Defender
of Mother Earth

The purpose of this law is to define the structure and attributions of the Defender of Mother Earth, within the framework of the protection of the rights of Mother Earth, its components and life systems, recognized in the current legal system.

Draft Law

Law against Ecocide and to Protect Mother Earth

The purpose of this Law is to guarantee the protection of Mother Earth through the recognition of the crime of ecocide and the establishment of legal mechanisms that prevent serious damages and define the responsibilities and sanctions for individuals and legal entities, public or private, that violate the rights of Mother Earth.

Assembly of the Earth

«The General Assembly of the UN should consider the possibility of convening in the role of an Earth Assembly, in which the evolving non-anthropocentric or Earth-centred paradigm continues to unfold and finds a home in multilateralism».

Paragraph 87, Report from the UN Secretary General

Action Plan

In order to respond to Mother Earth’s call and stop the sixth extinction of life on the blue planet, we invite you to contribute with proposals around the following topics or others that you suggest to be incorporated into the Action Plan:
1) Actions to reestablish our connection
2) Healing actions
3) Actions against the Climate Crisis
4) Change of vision and new humanity

Suscribe the call to Action

The process of Reestablishing our connection with Mother Earth

Thematic Comments

on the draft laws, the Assembly of the Earth and the Action Plan

April 15

Get the zoom link for the the seminar Global Global insights on Mother Earth
9:00 a 11:00
April 15

April 21

Send your 2 minute video on any of the four topics for the event Voices of the People
April 21

April 22

Get the zoom link for the event on the International Day of Mother Earth

9:00 a 13:00
April 22

Some figures of the destruction of Mother Earth


of vertebrate species have disappeared between 1970 and 2012


of illegal hunting occurs in world heritage sites


of the tropical glaciers have disappeared in Latin America


million tons of plastic reach the sea every year


  • La amenaza de la Crisis Climática
    la defensa por la vida tienen que ver con la crisis climática que pone en riesgo la propia existencia de la humanidad y de nuestra Madre Tierra.
  • Somos hijos de la Madre Tierra
    Somos hijos e hijas de nuestra Madre Tierra y como tal tenemos que cuidarla y protegerla, respetando sus derechos y cumpliendo con nuestros deberes y obligaciones de proteger a la Madre Tierra como un ser vivo y sagrado.
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