Call to Action Reestablishing our connection with Pachamama

Listening to the call of the glaciers, the jungle, the rivers, the swamps, the condors, the jaguars, the bees, the pangolins, the mountains, and the stones.

Reestablishing our unity with Pachamama once again and thus feeling we are part of a great family composed not only of human beings, but of all the beings that inhabit Mother Earth.

Considering that Pachamama is suffering from a series of pandemics that are advancing dangerously towards the sixth extinction of life on Earth.

Noting that the geological period of the Holocene, which began only twelve thousand years ago, is being replaced by the Anthropocene and in particular by the Capitalocene, which alters the life cycle of planet Earth through unsustainable patterns of consumption, resource use, and the generation waste which pollutes our air, water and land.

Affirming that ecocide represents a colossal crime with irreversible consequences towards biodiversity, ecosystems and all the rights of Mother Earth.

It is thus evidenced that ecocide is also environmental suicide and that the destruction of our home will cause the greatest genocide that humanity has known, in which the first and most affected will be the exploited and oppressed peoples of capitalism.

Recognizing that the denaturing of agriculture (GMOs) is the product of the loss of humanities intimate relationship with food, leading towards raising humans as denatured as the food which is produced, this constituting an additional mechanism of ecocide and genocide.

Reflecting on the pandemic, we must bear into account our low immune response as a global society to a phenomenon triggered by a food base which no longer nourishes but rather makes us sick and often kills.

Reaffirming that we must defend the culture of life and not the culture of death, the culture of complementation and not the culture of destruction, the culture of health and not the culture of disease, the culture of the beings and not the culture of commodities.

Noting that it is necessary to advance in the implementation of mechanisms that allow raising awareness, preventing, guaranteeing the precautionary principle, justice, and making possible the regeneration of the beings that make up Mother Earth who permanently suffer the violation of their right to exist in balance with the Pachamama.

Convinced that the climate crisis must be faced with comprehensive solutions that include the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, an energy transition, the modification of our consumption and production patterns, the change in the logic of accumulation and concentration of wealth and power, and the change in the logic of assuming the beings of Mother Earth as resources and merchandise, and rather like brothers, our family; convinced that we must resume our relationship of ancestral harmony with Mother Earth.

Concerned about the false technological and market solutions that are trying to be implemented to face the climate crisis, prompting their virtues and underestimating their negative effects; the commitment of technology always falls to the logic of the market and not in finding balance with Pachamama.

We are sure that the system change required to re-establish our reconnection with Pachamama implies overcoming extractivism, productivism, mercantilism, patriarchy, racism, self-centeredness, individualism, neocolonialism, and anthropocentrism.

From the Culture of Life, from the resistance, from Abya Yala, from the Collasuyo, from Tiwanaku, for the sacred Lake Titikaka, from the warriors of the rainbow, from our dreams and intuitions, from the bottom of our hearts we CALL To ACTION, as one with all persons, the international community and organizations, be them national or international, that wish to join this “Re-establishing our Connection with the Mother Earth / Pachamama”; between the 21st and 22nd of April of the present year

  • 1) In this sense, we must construct Laws that seek to protect Mother Earth by, Constructing in a communal manner:
    • A Law that protects the Rights of Mother Earth and prevents Ecocide.
    • A Law to establish the Defender (Ombudsman) of Mother Earth.
    • An action Plan from the perspective of life, our peoples, our tapestry, our codes of knowledge, to seek our way and return to equilibrium to confront the climate crisis provoked by the global crisis of capitalism.
  • 2) All contributions and comments within the framework of mutual respect can be sent to the following email in each of the three previous topics and will be consigned on the site where we will build the respective consensus for the laws and strategic plan for the reestablishment of our connection with Mother Earth
  • 3) Virtual events will be organized periodically with national and international participants to deepen the discussion of the different visions and proposals around the call to actions themes.
  • 4) On April 22, we will hold a global event which will be held both virtually and with the presences of all those who seek to assist to socialize the content of the proposals to be worked on, at all levels, and discuss the proposal for a comprehensive global action plan to face the climate crisis.
    To participate in this process, all organizations, institutions, scientists, specialists, and interested persons must register at the following link:

We are aware that the serious ecological crisis that we are experiencing is not resolved with laws or mechanisms that make it possible to comply. We want the two laws in Bolivia above mentioned to represent a continuum and a sign that we are returning to the path of complementation, of healing, of empathy with our Mother Earth.

The return to a path that leads towards our common home, one that is assumed by our: authorities, legislators, judges, public officials, communities and each one of us both nationally and internationally. We are to be QAMIRI again, meaning a person who lives well, a full person who does not pretend to be better than others. We are going to be IYAMBAE, which means a person who has no owner and has learned to move according to the laws of nature. We are going to be K’UMARA, a person who is healthy both mentally and physically. This constitutes the greatest challenge we have as a species, as humanity, to thus restore the lost balance with our Mother Earth.

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